September 21 – September 22 2013

  1. Discuss report in which the architecture used in analysis and the visualization future steps as well as steps used in the generation of clusters. The
    file is here. The original iWork pages file is here . The doc file is
    . I will add the pdf file for all to see at the time of meeting or when the document is finished whichever comes first as right now still writing the document.
  2. Will need to discuss the previous point if the direction is correct and next steps. Also need to come up with some visualization for company as can’t display 2500 nodes and 90000 edges.
  3. Discuss the angular.js project. (STATUS: I turned down the project as neither me or Asad can fulfill the requirements of the project and the requirement is straight 8 hours i can’t commit to that as i work in mutliple periods of day and need to go for prayers and can’t work 8 hours online straight and also the learning curve of angular.js is right now too high to learn within a week and start work straight away … Me and Asad will explore angular.js but we can’t commit to this project right now).
  4. From Jawad: Just an update that on Monday i have meeting with the client which i have worked in past for mobile development project related to Ruby on Rails project i have worked in the past related to recipes. I will update after Monday what the client says.