Data Platform

Professor Brynjolfsson says:

“Decisions will increasingly be based on data and analysis rather than on experience and intuition. “We can start being a lot more scientific,” he observes.”


Mr. Smolan an enthusiast says that:

“Big Data has the potential to be “humanity’s dashboard,” an intelligent tool that can help combat poverty, crime and pollution.”


The paper is to propose the creation of a SOA and Big-Data enabled data-platform. The platform will allow us to achieve continuous improvement through regulating persistent and predictive statistics associated with activities. Strategize, align, govern, execute, and optimize define the governing objectives. The selection of these activities is determined by the theory of cause and effect to improve on the drivers that govern the governing objectives. This is assuming that business-governing objectives are close to the allocation of capitals for various activities. A data-platform that regulates the governing objectives by reevaluating selected statistics is claimed to have increase the productivity by 5 to 6%.


Creation of data-centric and extensible architectures based on SOA to expose existing infrastructure is key to creating a data-platform. Traditional data mining and business analytics techniques can be improved upon using concepts such as Big Data and SOA to create an agile data-platform. The predictive power of Big Data needs to be explored and considered economic development and economic forecasting.


This agile data-platform can be key in monitoring performance indicators including sales growth and earnings per share as well as non-financial measures such as customer loyalty, perceptions and product quality are can be used to measure and mange results to implement continuous improvement process.