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Mobile App:

  • Uses Titanium SDK for native app for iOS and Android.
  • The Titanium quick start guides and documentation moved to this 
  • Latest Titanium Quick Start Guide is 
  • itanium Architecture Guide
  • Installing uMobile Guide
  • uMobile Manual
  • uMobile Requirements 
  • uMobile FAQ
  • uMobile GitHub App
  • Tomcat Installation
  • The web is created using java and uses configurable modules named portlets.
  • Portlets can be downloaded from jasig website or they allow to discuss on the developer forum and develop new portlets.
  • Further portlets can be found here and also community based portlets here
  • The uMobile mobile app is based on titanium.
  • Calendar feeds, news feeds, directory and map content types are configurable
  • The uMobile portlet archetype provides a tool for generating a new mobile portlet template project.
  • Native module i.e. the icons on uMobile mobile app and functionality can be defined.
  • uPortal is developed by the same company i.e. ja-sig as uMobile
  • Titanium development is similar to appMobi development. It provides cloud services and sharing a single base code for all supported devices and uses javascript to get things done.